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In 1938, The Bowley’s Quarters Improvement Association (BQIA) was incorporated to promote and assure consented activity in all matters pertaining to the proper development; improvement; and maintenance of that portion of Baltimore County known as Bowley’s Quarters and vicinity thereof. The organization, which started with twenty original members, now has several hundred members. It has the distinction of being the only improvement association in the area with its own building. In its early days, the BQIA worked to pave the peninsula’s dirt roads with oyster shells and led efforts to bring city water to its residents. During the last fifty years, it has worked to maintain the rural waterfront integrity of the peninsula by addressing business expansion, community development, infrastructure improvement, and waterway maintenance. In seventy years we have made incredible progress thanks to the dedication of the members of this volunteer organization. If you are a member we thank you for your involvement. If not, we welcome you to join!